Capeverde roundtrip “SODADE” discovery tour

CapeVerde Discovery Roundtrip "SODADE" combines the best selection of islands, cultural spots and activities when it comes to discover the big diversity of Cabo Verde Islands. Enjoy breathtaking landscapes and relax on beautiful beaches. Discover an unforgettable volcanic scenery with the Pico de Fogo and hospitable people. Visit the historical place where capeverdean creole culture has his origin. And let you get enchanted by the lively and colorful harbor town of Mindelo and Cape Verde music.

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Cabo Verde Islands of Dreams

You would love to do some hiking and discovery in Cabo Verde Islands, but you don't want to miss some relaxing days on the beach? "Cabo Verde Islands of Dreams" is your travel combination!

Windward Islands – Hiking Roundtrip in Cape Verde Barlavento

Come hike with VIP Tours Cabo Verde and get in touch with the local culture on this roundtrip in Cape Verde Barlavento, the windward islands. Immerse in the cultural end ethnical mixture of three continents and listen to Morna music in Sao Vicente. As you hike through the spectacular mountain scenery of Santo Antao, you feel that here time has almost been standing still in the past hundred years. Round off your holidays on the gorgeous sandy beach of Sal island.

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CapeVerde Trekking “Funaná”

Nature and hiking enthusiasts will be thrilled by this trekking trip. On the scenic, spectacular Santo Antão mountain range, we walk through villages where life has hardly changed in the last hundred years, and stay in private pensions of local families. Of course, Fogo island is also a part of the tour. We will hike over the crater of the recent eruption (2014/15) and as a highlight climb the big volcano, the Pico de Fogo.

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Tailor made holidays in Cape Verde

Enjoy your tailor made holidays on the islands of Cape Verde. We have a big choice of interesting hikes, activities, excursions and specials in our magic box for you. We also adjust our travel programs to your travel date and to your individual wishes and ideas. Contact VIP Tours Cabo Verde. We are your holiday specialist on Cape Verde islands.

Cape Verde Highlights – Hiking Tour

Cape Verde Highlights - hiking in the most beautiful places of the Cape Verde Islands: In the magnificent mountain landscape of Santo Antão, the ancient valley of the slaves on Santiago, and on the island of Fogo, where you climb the volcano giant „Pico de Fogo“. This journey will be flavoured with the colonial flair of the little harbour town of Mindelo on São Vicente, Cape Verdean music and a taste of Cape Verdean way of life and “Morabeza”. You will round off your holiday in Santa Maria on the island of Sal, with its kilometers of white, sandy beach.

Cape Verdean summer dreams with Boa Vista

Immerse yourself in the Cape Verdean summer world. Relaxing days on the sandy beaches of Sal and Boa Vista in combination with an exciting round trip over the islands, with authentic insights into the Cape Verdean life. Nice, handpicked accomodations with good standard also contribute to a feel-good holiday.

Santo Antao

Santo Antao is a real hiking and trekking paradise. The island provides an endless labyrinth of paths through bizarre landscapes. Huge canyons and valleys, steep coastlines and lonely villages, lunar landscapes and tropical green valleys are good reasons for the fascination of the island. With an area of 779 km², Santo Antão is the second largest island in the archipelago of Cabo Verde and offers a number of the most beautiful hiking tours in Cape Verde.

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Day trips Santo Antao

A day trip to Santo Antao - which can also integrate some hiking - is the best choice for sailors or cruise passengers who want to get a taste of this really fascinating island.

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