Geographical situation of Boa Vista in Cape Verde Islands

Geographical situation of Boa Vista – Cape Verde Islands

Strand auf Boa Vista, Capverdische Inseln

Beach on Boa Vista

Boavista - Pottery in Rabil

Boavista – Pottery in Rabil
Foto: Oliver Galvan

Desert flower in Boa Vista, Cape Verde islands

Cistanche – Desert Flower

Boa Vista, Wrack am Strand

Boavista – Wreck at the beach
Foto: Oliver Galvan

Boa Vista

Cape Verde – Barlavento

(Northern Islands)

Inhabitants: ca. 10.000

Surface: 620 km²

The Cape Verde island of BOA VISTA (good view) was so named when it was accidentally discovered in 1456 under Henry the sailor. In 1460, under the navigator Da Noli, the Portuguese took possession of the uninhabited Desert Island.

Boavista is a beach and dune island and the right choice for some relaxing days at the beach.

The many reefs that are surrounding the island make it also interesting for diving.
You can also do some interesting island tours with the four-wheel drive.
In springtime you can often see whales when you go on a boat trip.

If you like to enjoy some days in a comfortable accommodation right on the beach and away from the all-inclusive hotels, we will be pleased to make you an offer.

Interesting facts about Boa Vista Island

The inhabitants of Boavista call their island in creole “Bubista”.

The desert island, once a pastureland for goats, was formerly wooded with tamarisk bushes, which fell victim to the lime kilns and the brick kiln in Rabil in the 19th century as firewood.

Shipwrecks with history

The island of Boa Vista is surrounded by reefs, which have already caused the end of many ships. A rumor states that the inhabitants of Boa Vista helped to provoke the running aground in many cases. In order to get the valuable cargo, they are said to have placed false beacons that mislead the ships. Whether they acted from avarice or from famine is another story.

The most famous shipwreck you can see is probably the Spanish freighter “Cabo de Santa Maria”. The cargo ship was on its way to Brazil in 1968, fully charged with food supplies, when its journey came to a sudden end on the north coast of Boa Vista.

Sal Rei

The island’s capital “Sal Rei” is a small coastal town with almost village character. Small fishing boats lie on the shore. The local fishermen are fishing only for their own needs.

“Sal” is Portuguese and means “salt” and “Rei” means “king.” The salt obtained in the 19th century in hard slavery labor on Boa Vista is said to have been of “royal” quality.

Endangered Sea Turtles on Boa Vista

In the months July to September, the endangered sea turtle “Caretta Caretta” – loggerhead turtle – lay their eggs at Boa Vista’s beaches.

Its back armor is up to 1.20 m long and makes it an imposing appearance.

Unfortunately, there are still locals who kill the turtles in order to sell their meat.

The international turtle foundation is patrolling on some of the beaches to prevent this slaughter.

Tour operators and travel agencies offer nightly tourist trips to the observation of the egg laying.
As a respect to the species that has been coming here for millions of years in order to lay their eggs

  • Please do not book such an excursion if more than 10 persons are accepted on one tour.
  • Use torches only with red light and follow the instructions of the ranger.
  • Make very sure you have deactivated the flashlight of your camera before starting the nightwalk.

Did you know that turtles help to keep our beaches clean by eating Algae and jellyfish?

Reiseangebote Rundreisen mit Boavista

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